Criterion Chapter of Installed First Principals 6220




7 April 2018

Officers Practice 9.30 am. Committee Meeting 10.30

17 April 2018

Convocation 6.30. Speaker: Ex. Comp. Peter Mason DepGS (C&W)  “A Royal Arch Workshop”

9 June 2018

Officers Practice 9.30. Followed by Committee meeting

19 June 2018

Regular Convocation  Speaker: Comp. John Belton (Linlithgow Chapter No 5 (SC)):

"Pure Antient Masonry and the Royal Arch".

A Derbyshire mason since 1980 and a founder of Internet Lodge 9659, John is also a member of the Linlithgow Royal Arch Chapter No 5 in Scotland.

A microbiologist by education and a marketer and exporter by profession John, in retirement, turned his talents to masonic research, among other things focussing on the 1813 Union and on the decline in membership since 1945.

He has spoken widely around the world, is the author of books on masonic research, and has been a regular contributor to masonic magazines on topics of current interest or controversy, often relating to the role of freemasonry in society.

John’s talk this evening addresses the structure of Freemasonry in England, different to everywhere else as a result of there having at one time been two Grand Lodges for one of which the Royal Arch was the fourth degree. The side effects of this still keep cropping up around the world.

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3 July 2018

Criterion Lodge 6220-Fraternal Visit – 6.30 Hoyle Court

6 October 2018  Officers Practice 9.30. Followed by Committee meeting
7 October 2018

Sunday Lunch

16 October 2018 

Installation Convocation 5.30 pm

Followed by a talk by E Comp Mike Neville entitled "Masons and the Detection of Crime"

 29 October 2018

Note revised date for this meeting.

Cumberland & Westmorland Installed Principals Chapter 8071

Installation Convocation   -  Masonic Hall, Portland Square, Carlisle

Usual start time 7.00 pm

E Comp Norman Thompson, MEGS, will be retiring shortly after this so this is an important occasion for us to attend to acknowledge and return the support he has given to the two Chapters.


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  • Cumberland & Westmorland Principal's Chapter will meet on 23rd February and 1st June, times and places of meetings to be confirmed, and their installation meeting will take place in Carlisle on 31st August 2018.