Criterion Chapter of Installed First Principals 6220


Friday 3rd June 2016


It was a unique occasion when Criterion Chapter of Installed First Principals No 6220, Baildon, made their annual fraternal visit to Cumberland & Westmoreland Installed Principals’ Chapter No 8071; all but one of the four Rulers from both of the Provinces were present. Hearing that our own Grand Superintendent, Stewart G Carley was to be in the visiting party, Norman Thompson, Grand Superintendent of Cumberland & Westmoreland, took the opportunity of welcoming Stewart, his Deputy James S Gray and Paul G Collinge, Third Provincial Grand Principal and requested they wear their full regalia. 17 Companions from Criterion Chapter journeyed north to Kirkby Lonsdale and enjoyed an excellent Convocation and Festive Board.

 Tuesday 21st June 2016

E Comp Dr John Wade (Past Master, Quatuor Coronati Lodge and Editor of its published transactions, AQC)

"The Beginning and Changes in Layout and Ritual over 250 years"

Another eminent researcher into Freemasonry, Ex. Comp. Wade gave a very well received talk on the origins of the Holy Royal Arch in the 1700’s, and the subsequent changes in the ritual and in the layout of Chapters.

His talk, illustrated by Powerpoint slides, included material on tracing boards as well as local information from Derbyshire and Sheffield as well as from the remainder of West Yorkshire. 

Ex Comp Wade, a Past Master of Quatuor Coronati Lodge 2017, was its secretary in 2006 and is now editor of its published research material. He is a former Prestonian Lecturer and has presented talks and lectures in many parts of the world.

Tuesday 18th October 2016

E Comp Michael Baker (SLGR, Director of Communications, UGLE)

"Pure Antient Freemasonry Consists of ....."

At the Installation Convocation in October the Chapter received a very interesting address from Mike Baker, Director of Communication at Grand Lodge, entitled “Pure Antient Freemasonry consists of . . . . . “. Mike referred to the presentation as “a deconstruction of the Royal Arch” and in it he considered the origins of the Order, its subsequent development and, comparing it with other Constitutions, where it might have been today had different paths been followed.

Tuesday 18th April 2017

 Comp. Dr. David Harrison  -  The York Grand Lodge

 Our first Convocation of the year attracted an attendance of over 100  combining, as it did, the Joint Meeting of the Bradford and District Royal Arch Council and a Fraternal visit from members of Cumberland and Westmorland Chapter of Installed Principals along with their Grand Superintendent , ME Comp,  Norman Thompson and his retinue of Acting Officers.

 However, the primary business of the evening was to receive from Comp. Dr David Harrison a presentation entitled “The York Grand Lodge”, a subject which featured in David’s  PhD thesis, subsequently published,  on the history of English Freemasonry.

 David, who has a well deserved reputation as an authoritative historian, writer and lecturer on all aspects of the origins and development of Freemasonry, treated us to a fascinating  talk on a topic of special regional interest.  The talk, which  was accompanied by “powerpoint” illustrations, explored the influence the York Grand Lodge had on the Holy Royal Arch, and a very interesting, informative and entertaining evening was enjoyed by all.  


The Crypt of York Minster, the meeting place of the York Grand Lodge.


The “York Board” painted in the 1770’s


 The “Rainbow”  Royal Arch symbol